Free Financial Superpowers

Perfiqt is Artificial Intelligence that gives you financial superpowers.

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Perfiqt Simplifies Finance

Perfiqt turns complex financial decisions into
simple most personal metric - YOUR OWN TIME.

When you understand your choices
the decisions are easy.


Sometimes debt is bad... Sometimes it's good if you use it to buy something, like a house. See how these decisions may impact your life


Travel may not be as unaffordable as you thought. For some, just drinking a bit less coffee can easly pay for travel. What would you prefer?


You can save and retire earlier... or buy something that you've always dreamed about. When you understand your choices - the decisions are easy

Assets planned
People helped
Mortgages analyzed
Life Events Covered

Meet Our Team

Gene Khalyapin

Gene Khalyapin

CEO/ Founder

Entrepreneur & finance executive. Founder of GX Bridge, BeneStudio

Paul Guilbeault

Paul Guilbeault


Full-stack programmer. Former partner at MagnaTech.

Jean-René Auger

Jean-René Auger

CTO/ Investor

Tech Executive. Entrepreneur. Owner at Appwapp.

Michael Vineberg

Michael Vineberg

Strategy Adviser

Private Equity Executive. Certified Corporate Director. CEO

Jacen Campbell

Jacen Campbell

Investor/ Adviser

VP at CI Investments. Finance Executive. Investor.

Bill Aubé


Investor/ Advisor

Banking Executive. Investor. President at AUBÉ Capital Advisory.